Lost Soles Series

Art and Photography by Lynn Dodge


An abandoned car became the backdrop for the second photo shoot in the Lost Soles series.  Each location in this series is chosen to portray the emotions a person experiences when they feel lost, hopeless or forgotten. 

This old car, left to rust in the elements with no hope of ever being useful again symbolizes the lost souls of the world, left behind because they are viewed as useless and so are easily forgotten.  Despite being essentially tossed aside as no longer valuable, the car has found a new purpose and meaning by simply drawing attention to it and viewing it in a different light. 

My hope with the Lost Soles series is that people are moved to reach out to those people, who like this car have been tossed aside, and see them in a different light as the valuable souls that we all are.​

On the Bridge to Nowhere

The first in a series of Lost Soles photographs set in creative and innovated settings.  As soon as we walked on the bridge I knew this was was perfect spot.  This location was photographed on the Arroyo Hondo Old Hwy 101 bridge just south of Gaviota, California. The bridge was built in 1918 and was closed in the 1980's.

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