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My favorite medium is found objects, and I draw inspiration for my creations from where and when I find them.  Whether it’s an old typewriter discarded on the sidewalk to marine debris found on the beach, each piece had a prior purpose and for whatever reason was damaged, thrown away or left to rust outdoors. 

These objects end up in my art studio, waiting for that moment to be transformed into a new creation.   Each art piece is inspired by emotions from daily life to natural and manmade tragedies.  All my pieces possess a dimensional quality of design, with a profound meaning and message as these discarded objects become transformed into inspirational art.


Artists Statement


Lynn Dodge holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exhibit / Graphic design from California State University Northridge.  In 2015, after a successful career running exhibit and graphic arts departments, Lynn decided to pursue her passion as a found object artist.  With the experience of her career, Lynn is able to combine the technical aspect of design with the intuitive inspirations from life around her. 


Lynn’s focus on found objects coincides with her passion for protecting and preserving our environment.  By repurposing materials into art she hopes to promote environmental awareness with the end goal of changing the often negative effects humankind has on our planet.

The Tribute Project, About

While Lynn is honored that her commercial pieces find their way into people’s homes and businesses, she is most proud of her charitable art projects.  In 2001 Lynn began the Tribute Project where she turned her vision of a helmet and an American flag into 343 bronze sculptures that were created as gifts to the families of firefighters who perished on 9/11.  

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