Environmental Art Series


Artists Lynn Dodge and Karen Haub share a passion for protecting the environment.  They have collaborated together to create art with a powerful environmental message to the world.

we can make a difference....

Our goal is to bring awareness and ultimately to help begin to change the effects we as humans are having on the environment.

Mixed media artist website is Karenhaubart.com

The Fall of the Amazon

24"w x 36"h, mixed media assemblage.

It’s so amazing to experience such a creative synchronicity between the two of us. Her painting captures the light and beauty of the world’s largest and most biodiverse places on earth.  The rainforest is home to millions of species that help create and sustain this ecosystem.


As her job was completed, mine was just beginning.  I needed to create the energy of the loss and destruction of deforested areas the size of Delaware each year.  I artistically used old saw blades, tin metal, paint and placed them cutting into each tree branch.  I added a touch of red resin at the tip of each blade to illustrate the loss.


We hope this art piece will bring more awareness and action to help save this magnificent place on our planet.


Last Dance of the Honeybee

30x40”, mixed media on wood panel.


This piece developed as Karen and I discussed the plight of the honeybees as they suffer from impaired function, hive collapse, and death due constant exposure to pesticides. The names of some of the pesticides responsible for the near extinction of the bees are collaged into the piece.

Tears of the Sea

25.5” x 37.5” framed, mixed media assemblage.


The Channel Islands marine debris volunteers are stewards of the ocean who collect and remove plastics and trash that endanger and kill marine and island life native to Santa Cruz Island, this is some of the debris removed from Santa Cruz Island, which acts as a trash barrier to the Santa Barbara and Ventura coastal areas. Due to its position in the current flow of the Pacific Garbage Patch, a lot of plastic debris littering the ocean washes up on the south facing side of Santa Cruz Island endangering and killing native birds, sea birds, marine life, and island foxes.


River of Forgotten Sorrows

36"w x 24"h, mixed media assemblage.


This artwork is a tribute to the people of the parishes along the Mississippi River, in the corridor between New Orlean’s and Baton Rouge, Louisianna known as Cancer Alley. 

Over 100 petrochemical plants and refineries have been spewing petrochemical distillates into the air and water since the early 1980’s. 

Many of the people in the parishes are dying or have died of cancer and are too poor to move.  


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